Deepen your impact on the people you want to reach.


  • Build a brand that stands out as iconic and memorable. 
  • Communicate your message clearly so that you don't miss out on sales.
  • Improve your current brand, develop your mission, values, and purpose, and define your target audience.
  • Bring clarity to your brand so you can reach the people you want to help.

Since the beginning of time, humans have communicated to each other through story.

We are storytellers and listeners. It's in our DNA.

Your brand already has a story. From the moment the idea was formed to all the goals you have set in the future, your brand's story is being crafted and shaped as we speak.

It's important to make sure that the right story is being told to reach the right people.


My name is Cory Miller, and I help brands create a lasting impression on their audiences and customers.


Success Stories


Cory takes you from 'proceeding with caution' to proceeding with confidence with sound guidance and direction for your brand and business. Being someone who works with brands myself, I had already outlined and fleshed out a lot of what needed to be done prior to our consult.

Cory was able to clear out the noise, get right to the heart of the operation, and help me to clearly see what our goals needed to be for the rest of the year and how we needed to position ourselves to attain them. He took the time to listen, to understand, and then put together a plan of action custom-tailored for our brand that have already been set in motion. We couldn't be in a better position right now because of it.

I would highly recommend hiring Cory for a consult. You're making an investment that will yield great return for your brand. There's value here you really could be missing out on that will give you all the right pieces of advice and information you need to position yourself as a brand that dominates instead of simply competing.

— Ed Williams, Founder and Chief Creative Officer (Arclight Comics)


My talk with Cory was game changing. I was on the brink of planning my next move in my career yet was struggling with clearly communicating my brand message.

Talking things out with him, sharing my story and articulating what my why was lead to him fine tweaking some verbiage here and there and it got me over the hump. It's provided clarity and the ability to answer the hard question of "what it is I do" and to "whom I'm providing this service to." With the new direction I'm embarking on, I needed to make sure my vision and mission were crystal clear.

I'm ready to take on new challenges with confidence and I'm positive Cory can help you feel the same way with your brand.

— Scotty Russell, Mentor of Creatives (Perspective Collective)