Why You Should Be Focusing on the 0.001%

My oldest daughter Rylynn is two years old. She is a perfect mixture of my wife and me, which means she is incredibly strong willed and headstrong. She knows what she wants and she knows that all she has to do in order to get her way is to get our attention.

Children work very hard to capture attention. They will cry, scream, or even jump on you. They are desperate for attention, and whether or not the attention is bad or good, they know how to get your attention. 

The modern-day currency of the 21st century is attention. The internet is noisy, social media is noisy, driving down the street is noisy. The world as we know it is filled with noise from people trying to get your attention.

The problem with your brand is not that you have the wrong name, the wrong logo, or you’re on the wrong social media platforms. The problem is that not enough people know about you. 

0.001% very small. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a lot.

There are 7 billion people on the planet. 0.001% of 7 billion is 70,000. That's it.

If you could get 0.001% of the entire Earth’s population to give you a single dollar, you would make more than the average American makes in a single year. 

What if they gave you $10? If you could get 0.001% of the Earth’s population to give you $10, you would have $700,000. 

The problem is not the money, nor is it the platform. It’s not even what you are trying to sell. The problem is you do not have the attention of 70,000 people yet. 

Do you think there are 70,000 people interested in what you have to offer? Are there 70,000 people who have the problem you’re solving? Of course there are. They’re waiting for you to find them.

All it takes is reaching 0.001%.

Attention is the modern-day currency. Find the attention, capture the attention, deliver value, and enjoy the results.