The one-star review I semi-regret

Since moving to Ireland, I've been trying to get an idea of the delivery places in our area. We eat fairly healthy in my family, but sometimes you've just got to have that pizza, right?

Last week I ordered a pizza from a new place. It was...okay. Nothing impressive, nothing amazing.

That night, however, I got what I can only assume was food poisoning. The pizza had been the only real thing of substance I had eaten that day, so of course I blamed the pizza.

The following day I received an email in my inbox, asking for a review and any feedback I had to offer.

I gave one star for food quality, two stars for business interaction, three stars for timeliness, and in the review box I wrote: "Got food poisoning."

Once I hit the submit button, I continued on and forgot all about it.

The next Sunday I received a phone call from an unknown number.

It was the owner of the pizza place.

He had seen my one-star review that, unbeknownst to me, had actually been submitted to a public review site. It was not just an internal feedback tool, which I had originally thought it was.

He was kind enough to simply ask for more feedback and if I could provide any more clarity on my experience, which I did. He apologized for the experience, thanked me for my feedback, and ended the call.

The owner of the pizza place didn't do anything to make me feel guilty, but I feel a bit of regret for that one-star review.

There is always a human on the other side of our feedback. When we leave comments, feedback forms, or reviews, these things always affect another person in some way.

Oftentimes as a consumers we tend to react before thinking about the consequences of our words or actions. We're the customer, right? We should be getting the best deal here, right?

What if we remembered to treat other businesses as we would like to be treated? To give the opportunity for them to make it right?

Business owners want the opportunity to make it right. They don't want you to have a poor experience with their brand. They want to you share about a great experience with the people you know.

I semi-regret that one-star review because I didn't give the business a chance to make it right. Even though the pizza made me sick, if I had stopped and remembered there is always another human on the other end of a transaction, I would have responded differently.

Before you leave that next review or drop some negative feedback their way, send an email or a private message or make a phone call. 

Give them the chance to make it right.