Social Platforms Are Living and Active

With so many social media platforms out there, is it okay to re-post the same content on multiple platforms? It seems like it takes so much time to handle multiple posts as it is, so wouldn’t it be easier to just automate it?

It’s a huge trend right now to use an automation app that automatically grabs something you posted to one platform and paste it over onto a bunch of other websites.

It’s easy to think that automation is the answer, but in most cases, social media automation is a bad idea.

The Power of Now

The minds over at Twitter are working to keep pushing it as a “live” platform, where everything is happening now. What you read is in the moment. They’re working hard to maintain this status.

When you post something online, chances are you are either posting long-term (or evergreen) content, or you’re doing something a bit more live, something in the moment.

Automating the “now” moments is rarely a good idea because there are people who want to connect with you in the moment.

People are humans wanting to connect with other humans. Nobody likes a company based in ones and zeros with no connection.

Don’t even get me started on the apps that take your Instagram posts and reposts them to other platforms with your caption cut off and a randomly generated URL that isn’t branded (you know who you are.)

Automating in this way is not going to help you win — it’s going to make you look lazy and it’s going to frustrate your audience.

Use the Same Content in Native Context

When you prepare your social media posts, keep in mind the various platforms you’re going to be posting to. Social media is a tool, and you have to use it properly to get the results you want.

If you’re posting to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, take a few extra minutes to write up a few different captions. Audiences consume differently, and various platforms will display your content differently.

You can use the same images, words, and ideas, just make sure to tailor them to the specific audience on that platform.

Can I Schedule Native Posts?

Of course there are exceptions. If you’re automating schedule updates to your private Facebook group, go ahead and use an app for that.

But instead of looking for exceptions, ask yourself how you can leverage what you’re using to build your audience.

The point of social media is not to check off a to-do item, it’s about connecting in real-time with the people who want to connect with you.

Before you take the easy way out, count the cost and determine if it’s the best solution for your goals.