How You Feel About Your Brand Doesn't Matter

Whenever you’re conducting any kind of evaluation, one of the questions might be something like, “How do you feel you are doing in this area?” or, “What do you think about your current progress so far?” 

When it comes to your brand, however, how you feel about your brand doesn’t matter. How well you think your brand is doing doesn’t matter.

The only feelings that matter are the feelings of your customers. If your audience thinks your brand is doing well, then your brand is doing well.

Remember, a brand is how people feel about you. It’s what they think about you. It’s what they say about you when you’re not in the room.

A brand is not a company, but a company can have a brand.

Therefore, your brand is only doing well if the people who interact with your brand have a positive interaction. If your audience has good feelings about you, then your brand will do well.

The results of a great brand have the ability lead to greater revenue, higher ratings, more clients, and so on. These aren't guaranteed, but every well-known company that is doing well has a great brand.

And yes, some companies that have poor brands or negative associations may be doing well, but I recommend you look toward the ones actually making a positive difference in the world instead.

The indication of a good brand can be found in the words, thoughts, feelings, reviews, referrals, and comments of the people who follow you.

You might feel great about your brand, but if you’re the only one who does, you’re not going to win. 

If you are able to capture the positive feelings of your audience and customers, you will have the attention that you need to be successful.