Do you know why you do what you do?

One of my favorite organizations is charity: water. I talk about them a lot, but probably not enough.

Charity: water has a mission I can recall from memory. I don't know very many mission statements of brands that I can remember immediately, but charity: water is one that I can.

Their mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person in the world, primarily in developing countries.


They have a vast amount of reasons, including the decrease of water-borne diseases, upwards of 40 billion hours spent walking for water each year, keeping kids in school, and the empowerment of women.

Charity: water has a deep understanding of *why* they do what they do, and it drives the organization and is contagious to the people who interact with them.

Do you know why you do what you do?

Can people recall what you're about from memory?

Do you know the answers to these questions:

  • Who are you helping?
  • How will their lives improve from their interaction with your brand?
  • How is the world different because your brand exists?

I get emails all the time that say, "Isn't it enough that I love what I do? Isn't it enough that I just do what I want and hope people like it?"

Let me pose this question:

At the end of your life, if you are the only one who ever benefited from what you did, will that be enough for you? 

For me, it won't be enough.

Brands that have a deep understanding of why they do what they do have an unmatched hunger, a drive to see the world become a better place. Their success is tied to the success of the people they want to reach, impact, or help.

Is yours?