5 Questions to Quickly Evaluate Your Brand

It’s easy to become comfortable with where our brand is and lose sight of the progress we’re making. 

We get so caught up in the day-to-day stuff that we lose out on getting clear insight on if our brand is headed in a good or not-so-good direction.

Evaluating your brand doesn’t have to be a long process, but a 10-15 minute session of evaluation will help you see the trajectory of your brand and allow you to make any adjustments necessary.

Short and regular evaluations allow you to answer quickly from your gut. Don’t get caught up in the evaluation—focus on the state of your brand and how you can make it better.

These questions are simple and free of complicated wording. I’m a big fan of simple words when it comes to complex ideas, and the following five questions will help move your thoughts in the right direction.

1. "Where was my brand the last time I evaluated it?"

It’s important to look back at where you’ve come from, and this question will help you to think back in time and see what has happened. 

If you haven’t done any previous evaluations, pick a previous date like last month or last year and go from there.

2. "What has changed?"

This is the next step of remembering where your brand used to be. If your answer is “Nothing”, that may be an indication of stagnation, whereas if you find yourself writing a few dozen pages of answers, you may be doing too much.

These are just examples, but the question is intentional to determine the health of yourbrand.

3. "What needs to improve?"

Constantly improving as a brand requires you to admit when it needs improvement.

It could be something as simple as, “I need to start releasing videos in 1080p rather than 720p”, and something as complex as, “Our systems and procedures are ineffective, and we need a full overhaul on how our employees function.”

Both examples vary in importance, but should still be addressed in their own way.

4. "What have I learned?"

A brand improves through the improvement of the people within. If you aren’t learning anything, your brand is going to stagnate. 

Focus this question within the context of your brand. What new information did you glean from a mistake you made? Did you improve a system or procedure? Always be learning, always be listening.

5. "What will I accomplish by the next evaluation?"

Setting goals, whatever size, is incredibly healthy for a brand. It gives you something to work toward, and allows you to track your progress as you go.

While this question may seem similar to the improvement question, they are actually different. You might have seen things that need improvement that you cannot fix immediately because of a different focus.

Answer this question with something you are actually going to work toward. If it’s the same thing as the answer for #3, then write that down!

Establish an evaluation schedule and stick to it

These evaluations don’t need to last longer than 10-15 minutes, and they can be done in any form of time increments. Every third month is a great time frame, though for higher motivation you may choose every month.

You don’t need to ask these exact questions. These are just quick ideas to help you get started. 

Create your own questions related to your brand and evaluate it regularly, and I guarantee you’ll be fascinated as you track the progress.